Inspirational Male Celebrities who Coped with Hair Loss

male celebrities

male celebritiesHair loss occurs in various forms. Male pattern baldness, or androgenetic alopecia, is the leading cause of hair loss for males, affecting 95% of cases. The condition leads to the weakening of hair strands, which eventually stops the growth of new hair. Male pattern baldness is a genetic condition that may affect anyone and exhibit signs at any age, even male celebrities.

Some male celebrities have coped with hair loss issues over the years, and have inspired sufferers through their unshakeable confidence.

John Travolta

70s heartthrob John Travolta was once famous for his luscious and stylish hairstyle, featured in the hit movie, Grease. Travolta was spotted with a receding hairline in recent years and has shared that he had been coping through wigs and a hair transplant. The star decided to reveal his natural bald look in an Instagram photo, posing beside his daughter.

Travolta now sports his natural look with confidence, after appearing for a red -carpet event in 2019.

Jude Law

Jude Law has aged gracefully throughout his career, shedding his “golden boy” image for a mature and confident appearance. Law’s receding hairline had caught the attention of the media, but he has remained undaunted. The actor made his receding hairline more prominent for the titular role in the 2013 movie, Dom Hemingway.

Law has been seen with richer hair over the last few years. Dermatologist Joshua Zeichner believes that the star may have opted for a treatment known as platelet rich plasma (PRP), which retargets an individual’s natural plasma toward stimulating hair growth. Zeichner states, “Think of PRP like fertilizer for your scalp to help your follicles function to the best of their ability.”

Elton John

Legendary singer Elton John has faced hair loss since the early 70s. John initially tried hair transplants, which proved ineffective and painful. Ultimately, the singer turned to quality wigs, which he dons to this day. He has candidly shared his story through multiple interviews and in his biography, titled, “Me.”

Hair loss may compromise the self-esteem of sufferers but it is highly treatable. Prompt medical treatment and hair restoration treatments can improve hair regrowth procedures so sufferers can look and feel confident. At Custom Hair Tampa Bay, we consider the cause of our client’s hair loss and customize the best hair replacement solution for their needs. To schedule a free consultation click here.


Photo Credit: thumbup Via Pixabay