Wigs for alopecia

Most women give little thought to wigs until they experience significant hair loss. Wigs for women suffering from alopecia are not the low-end, off-the-shelf fashion wigs you can pick up at your local store. On the contrary, Custom Hair Tampa Bay’s high-quality medical wigs are custom works of art individually crafted for each patient. Our team understands that patients needing wigs suffer from unique challenges including scalp sensitivity. Our team is gentle and careful during the fitting process. We will evaluate you and choose a wig with a base and cap that are formulated to reduce irritation. To create an entirely natural look with plenty of movement, our custom alopecia wigs are either fully or partially hand-tied. We know what you are going through. When fitting you with the right wig, we strive to bring happiness into your world.

If you suffer from alopecia, we encourage you to visit us so you can once again love what you see in the mirror.