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Custom Hair Replacement Solutions
For Women
Custom Hair Replacement Solutions
For Men
Custom European
Hair Wigs
Non Surgical
Hair Replacement for Women

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Serving Tampa Bay since 1969!

Custom Hair specializes in wigs and hair replacement for men, women and children. We offer the finest quality in non-surgical hair replacement solutions. Our specialists will help you customize a hair replacement solution that matches your lifestyle.

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Non-Surgical Hair Replacement for Women

Each year nationwide millions of women are suffering from thinning hair, and hair loss. Female hair loss can be a devastating and painful experience for a woman. Here at Custom Hair we have multiple non-surgical hair replacement solutions available to you.

100% European Hair Wigs

Custom Hair specializes in human hair wigs, and european hair wigs. When you turn to us for a wig you’ll receive a natural, extremely well fitting wig that you can wear with confidence. Our human hair wigs are made with real human hair, allowing you to style them any way you’d like.

Hair Extensions

Not all of us were born with hair that’s worthy of appearing in a pantene commercial.

Is your bathroom full of hair products that promise to add volume and fullness to your hair? Do you spend hours each week teasing, spritzing, and styling your hair to try and make it look thick and healthy? With hair extensions from Custom Hair you can enjoy the long, thick, healthy hair you’ve always wanted.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement for Men

Each year millions of men suffer from some sort of hair loss. The most common form of hair loss is Male-Pattern-Baldness. At Custom Hair we take in to account the cause of client’s hairloss and customize the best hair replacement solution.