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Non-Surgical Hair Replacement for Women

Each year millions of women Nationwide are suffering from thinning hair and hair loss. Like men, the causes of hair loss are typically the same. Androgenetic Alopecia, is a hereditary female pattern thinning. Other causes are Alopecia Totalis, Alopecia Areata, Trichotillomania or medically induced hair loss such as chemotherapy.

Unlike men, hair loss in women is less acceptable by societies standards. Regardless of the cause, female hair loss can be a devastatingly painful experience for a woman. A woman’s hairstyle is a big part of her identity. Hair loss can result in a loss of confidence and lower self-esteem.

Our customized female hair loss solutions are geared toward women and their need to feel beautiful again. Women suffering from thinning hair or hair loss have multiple non-surgical hair replacement solutions available to them here at Custom Hair Tampa Bay.

Women's Hair Restoration Solutions

At Custom Hair Tampa Bay, we offer women customizable hair replacement solutions that are suited for each individual’s wants and needs. We understand a woman’s desire to have her luscious locks back. Our professional stylists will help you gain a gorgeous full head of hair again.

Our custom women’s hair loss replacement solutions studio is specifically designed to satisfy the distinctive challenges of women’s hair loss no matter what caused it. Created solely for the individual experiencing hair loss or thinning hair, a Custom Hair Tampa Bay tailor-made hair replacement system guarantees a major increase in hair density eliminating the need for surgery. Which also eliminates the risk of scarring or discomfort. These methods will provide you with results you’ll see in real time.
You’ll have complete and total coverage of your scalp like you had before you began experiencing thinning hair. People won’t be able to tell that it’s not your own hair growing out of your scalp — with any hairstyle you desire, even if your front hairline is exposed.