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mythsHair loss/ alopecia is a common phenomenon that affects an estimated 35 million men, usually with an onset at the average age of 35. There are many myths surrounding the highly treatable condition. It is important to separate fact from myth to cope better with symptoms.

Myth #1: Bald Men Have Higher Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is a hormone related to male virility. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is believed to be the component of testosterone linked to male pattern baldness (MPB).

In fact, baldness is usually a result of genetics, where follicles are sensitive toward DHT. This results in weaker hair strands and gradual baldness.

Myth #2: Mothers are to Blame

For years, many believe that MPB is caused by the X chromosome inherited from the maternal branch of the gene pool. However, this is a half-truth. According to Dr. Dawn Davis from the Mayo Clinic, “patterns of baldness are inherited from many genes, which can come from both sides of the family.”

Myth #3: Styling Products Cause Hair Loss

Styling gels, mousse, creams, and lotions contain many chemical ingredients. This has led some to believe that frequent use of styling products is responsible for hair loss. In truth, styling products do not harm hair follicles and are suitable for regular use.

However, it is important to be wary of other hair products like sulfate-rich shampoos, which dry out and destroy follicles.

Myth 4: Variety of Causes for Most Male Baldness

It might seem daunting to diagnose the underlying cause of your baldness, ranging from allergies to auto-immune disorders. This is untrue in most cases.

Experts from the American Hair Loss Association attribute 95% of cases to male pattern baldness.

Myth 5: Stress Causes Chronic Hair Loss

Stress brings about many biological changes in the body, which include temporary hair loss through a condition known as telogen effluvium. But these are often brief episodes that are quickly resolved by eliminating the source of stress.

Chronic hair loss is caused by genetic conditions such as MPB and autoimmune disorders, which are unaffected by environmental factors.

Although balding is a stressful condition that can lower your confidence, it’s highly treatable and rarely linked to serious health problems. Speak to your nearest hair expert to receive the best course of treatment. At Custom Hair Tampa Bay,

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