Hair Loss: A Common Side Effect of Taking Medication



Medication typically has side effects attached to them that can become more of a problem than the condition they’re designed to treat. A huge number of prescription drugs made to deal with various ailments can induce hair loss. This is can be a surprising experience and may have a huge effect on how a person lives their life. But, typically drug-caused hair loss is reversible.

The common way that medication induces hair loss is by altering the regular hair growth cycle of hair on the scalp. Within the 6-year anagen phase, the hair grows. For the duration of the 3-month telogen phase, the hair rests and close to the end hair falls out to be replaced by new hair.

Therefore, there are 2 kinds of drug-induced hair loss: telogen effluvium and anagen effluvium.

Telogen effluvium is the more common type of drug-triggered hair loss and it happens around four months after the usage of the drug. It causes follicles to shift into the resting stage and fall out prematurely. Usually sufferers with this condition lose from one hundred to one hundred fifty hairs daily.

Anagen effluvium is the second kind of hair loss, which occurs in the anagen phase of the hair cycle, because the hair grows actively. This form of hair loss stops the matrix cells from making new hairs and from going thru they’re normal dividing method. This routine starts within days or weeks of beginning the medication. This type of hair loss happens while patients take chemotherapy tablets and it may be severe, resulting in someone losing the hair on their head, eyelashes, eyebrows, and other regions.

The amount of hair loss relies upon on the kind of drug and the scale of the dosage, also how sensitive the patient is to the impact of the drug.

Here is a listing of common medications that could cause hair loss:

Acne medicinal drugs with A Vitamins (retinoids)

Chemotherapy drugs

Antibiotics and antifungal pills


Anti-clotting pills

Cholesterol-decreasing pills

Immune deficiency drugs


Weight loss capsules

Hormone replacement

High blood pressure medications, which include beta-blockers and diuretics

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Photo Credit: RemazteredStudio Via Pixabay