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All through the holidays, everyone wants hair that’s on point. Hair stylists are likely to see an increase in last-minute appointments as everyone prepares for Holiday events and galas. But, the holidays can be filled with stressors, some of which could have an effect on the luster of your hair. We’ll show you what’s at the root of dull hair and the way you can keep your locks healthy and robust all season long.

How Stress is a Factor?

When running at one hundred percent, your body is constantly generating new hair. Stress shuts down non-life sustaining bodily functions, and unfortunately our bodies don’t consider hair growth a top priority. When experiencing extreme stress, hair will cease to regrow as normal shedding continues. This may leave you with dull and thinned out hair, not necessarily how you want to look over the Holidays.

What Contributes to Stress During the Holidays?

Although it’s considered as being the most wonderful time of the year, there are many factors, which can increase our stress.

Over-indulgence in rich treats and alcohol can often make people feel bloated and ready for his or hers New Year’s resolutions to begin. Just thinking about all of the calories taken in over the course of the Holidays can increase stress.

Too much going on during the Holidays like hosting relatives, shopping, visiting friends and getting gifts for co-workers can really take a toll on you. The holidays frequently mean a packed schedule of trips to the mall, parties, baking and can also be a financial strain.

The holiday season also means consuming extra carbs or binging on alcohol. Research shows alcohol may be one of the causes of hair loss. If you’re already feeling stressed out, this may be a one-two punch in your follicles.

Ways to Fight Dull Hair

Holiday time doesn’t have to be a stressful time. The best thing you may do for yourself is to schedule self-care time. Take some time to relax with a hair mask, or use that deep conditioning remedy you’ve been wanting to try for the past year, be sure to take some time away from the hustle and bustle to focus on yourself.

Shouldering all of that stress isn’t good for you. Reach out to friends or your family and ask for help when you need it. With extra help looking after the hard tasks of the holiday, you will decrease stress and allow your hair to shine.

Dull hair isn’t ever pleasant, particularly during the Holidays but if you follow the above tips your hair will thank you for it. Sometimes thinning hair or hair loss is caused by other more serious factors. At Custom Hair Tampa Bay, Florida, we take into account the cause of our client’s hair loss and customize the best hair replacement solution for their needs. To contact one of our hair loss studios closest to you click here.


Photo Credit: Andi_Graf Via Pixabay