Understanding the Human Hair Growth Cycle

hair growth

hair growthA disrupted hair growth cycle be a highly distressing phenomenon caused by a wide range of possibilities, such as illness, hormonal imbalances, nutrient deficiencies and genetics. The most important thing for sufferers to note is that hair loss is an extremely reversible process.

Hair loss sufferers can gain a peace of mind and plan for more effective regrowth treatments by understanding the natural growth cycle of the human hair. Hair is divided into two main components, the follicle (buried under the scalp) and the shaft (which appears above and what is typically defined as hair).

The growth process occurs independently among hair follicles and is divided into three stages, which affects the length and strength of hair.

Anagen Phase

This is the growing phase of your hair, which can last between 2-5 years. Hair from this phase are less brittle than those from subsequent phases. Anagen hair will eventually push club hair (hair from a previous growth cycle) out from the follicle and grow at a rapid rate. ‘  //;o  People with shorter anagen phases face challenges when growing out long hair. Similarly, hair from other parts of the body such as arms, legs and chests are less visible or shorter compared to the hair on your head due to their shorter anagen phases.

Catagen Phase

Also known as the transitory phase, hair in this stage will split, with upper portions attached to the outer root of the hair strand. Catagen hair is weaker compared to the anagen stage as the hair prepares for the final phase of its growth. This resultant hair is also known as club hair.

Telogen Phase

This phase usually lasts for about three months on scalps. Telogen hair is completely at rest and ready to be shed, paving the way for the next cycle. The scalp usually takes a break for three months before repeating the hair growth cycle.

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Photo Credit: Skica911 Via Pixabay