Top Work to Party Holiday Hairstyles

Holiday hairstyles

Holiday hairstylesIt’s the holiday season and time to party. If you work, then getting ready to face an evening of entertainment can be difficult but there are a few easy hacks to glam up your hair so you are ready to dance the night away. Here’s how to transform holiday hairstyles from work to party for the holiday season.

Get Extensions

Hair extensions are easier than you think to fit and clip in to create a head full of volume. Get creative by having some colorful party colors and transform your appearance in moments. Or, stick with a classic lengthening extension with a matching shade for that belle of the ball look. You can also add disco curls using extensions so your hair swirls around while you dance all night with that increased volume.

Twist into Shape

If you have a formal party event, think about a sleek style such as a French plait, or chignon. These are easy to get into shape and can instantly transform your appearance from a 9-5 to a party stunner in minutes. Other styles that work well are a bun piled high, or in an elegant double twist. These styles also stay in place easily so you look great all-night long.


Using accessories is a great way to glam up your hair in moments and works well for short or long styles. Use a barrette or hair band to add some sparkle to your hair and keep your tresses in place. A colorful clip with flowers works well with evening wear, and if you want the princess look, choose a tiara to add some sophistication to your appearance.

Be Different

Wigs look great for parties and add instant volume or a different shade in moments. Adding curls with tongs is another way to style hair on the go and be ready to party with a different look to impress your friends. Experiment with a highlight or two so you incorporate a fun look with your hair style and are good to go as soon as work ends for the day.

Hair is easy to fix quickly so you look your best for the party and holiday season and are making the most of every spare moment. At Custom Hair Tampa Bay, our hair extensions are made of 100% human hair and can instantly transform your holiday hairstyles into the look you’ve always desired. To schedule a free consultation at one of our three locations click here.




Photo Credit: Sam_Studio Via Pixabay