Top Short Fall Hairstyles for Women in 2019

fall hairstyles

fall hairstylesAs fall arrives it is time to think about chic hair styles for the new season. There are some great on trend styles for short hair right now. Here are some stylish fall hairstyles to update your short hair for fall.

Add Color

Fall is a time of rich colors both in nature and in the stores. Why not add some auburn or blond highlights to your hair to give an autumnal glow to your appearance? It will add warmth and update your hair style in minutes. Adding highlights to a spiky pixie cut adds interest and perspective to the style.

Pixie Updated

A pixie style always looks smart and well groomed. For your fall hair style, add a deep side parting to add some fun to your appearance. You can also restyle to add some side swoops to a pixie, giving more dimension to your hair style. For a formal look, slick down a pixie with some gel. Spiky pixies look great on most people and can be styled with more volume on top.

Bobs are back

Fall is a great time to restyle and what better than a traditional bob. There are a couple of other bob styles that are increasingly popular. Collar bone bobs are on trend this fall- a style that sits on the shoulders, unlike the traditional bob which is off the shoulder. The jaw skimming bob is also popular. This look skims the face and is squared off above the jaw, giving a youthful appearance. A textured bob style with soft layers adds volume and is a flattering and low maintenance cut.

Shag styles

Shag cuts are stylish and look messy- just as though an autumnal breeze has blown through your hair. They look good on most people and add volume. They also add a youthful appearance to mature women. A shag cut is also low maintenance. Add bangs or crop into the face for an additional chic finish. Some shags have longer bangs at the side while wavy styling adds to the messy look- in a positive way.

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Photo Credit: jackmac34 Via Pixabay