Tips for Buying and Wearing Wigs


If you’re a woman dealing with hair loss, you’re not alone. Whether it’s caused by aging, hormonal changes, cancer treatment, or a condition like alopecia or female pattern baldness, as many as half of adult women will experience significant hair loss in their lifetime.

Wigs are the most practical, reliable, and non-invasive solutions for women dealing with hair loss. High-profile and prominent women like U.S. Congressional Representative Ayanna Pressley provide great examples of how wigs can look just as natural and stylish as human hair.

Here are some factors to consider when shopping for wigs for your own personal and professional use.

What You Need to Know About Shopping for Wigs

The possibilities are endless when it comes to finding wigs. Whether you want a more traditional and understated look that matches your own hair color and texture or feel like experimenting with different looks, there really is something for everyone when it comes to wigs.

Finding the right fit

There’s much more to getting the right wig than style, length, and color. Everyone’s head size and shape are different, and how good your wig looks and feels will depend on getting the size right. So, before you start shopping for a wig, the first step is to measure your head circumference (this is especially important if you’re shopping for wigs online). If you’ve ever tried to wear a hat that’s too small, you know it’s only a matter of time before you develop a headache. If a wig is too big, it will slide out of place and may irritate your scalp and the skin on your forehead and face depending on the style.

Natural hair vs. synthetic wigs

Some women prefer wigs made from natural hair because they can look more authentic and discreet, and can be styled like natural hair. That said, they also require similar levels of upkeep and maintenance, including real hair problems like hair breakage and color fading. Wigs made from synthetics require less maintenance, and many look as good as natural hair, so it really comes down to personal preferences and comfort levels when choosing your wigs.

Wig accessories

Taking care of your wigs is easier than dealing with natural hair for the most part, but they do require maintenance and upkeep. Wearing a wig cap under your wig is highly recommended, as well as a specialized wig comb and brush and cleaning products for the wig of your choice.

How many do you need?

That’s really up to you. Some women enjoy changing their wigs frequently to experiment with different looks and styles, while others prefer one or two signature looks and stick with those. If you’re going to wear your wig every day, buying more than one (even if it’s the same style) is a good idea to keep them fresh and help them last longer.

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Photo Credit: melancholiaphotography Via Pixabay