How Marijuana Use Can Cause Hair Loss


It’s no secret that marijuana has grown in the United States. It is used both recreationally and for medicinal purposes. Moreover, it is slowly getting legalized across the country, making people more interested in trying the drug. While marijuana has a wide variety of benefits, it can be highly problematic to the hair. The following is a closer look at how marijuana can cause hair loss.


According to some studies, prolonged marijuana use can result in hormonal changes in both men and women. As you may know, various hormonal changes can cause hair loss in a variety of ways. Namely, hormonal changes can lead to shedding and baldness. These hormonal changes can also lead to elevated levels of aggression, increased facial hair, lowered libido, acne, and more.


Smoking drugs of any kind results in the ingestion of carcinogens. These carcinogens can cause a slowdown in terms of cell proliferation within the hair follicles. Thus, this results in significant hair loss, which remains in effect until the conditions for hair growth improves.


Also, smoking marijuana regularly can cause nutritional issues. In particular, it can cause issues such as changes in taste buds, increasing appetite, and changes in body weight. It can also cause changes in metabolism that can last long term. Either way, these nutritional changes can also cause hair loss. If you become deficient in the vitamins and nutrients you need, this can lead to hair shedding.


Lastly, although many people think that marijuana can reduce stress, it can actually increase it. This is because prolonged use of the drug gives only superficial relief from stress. Rather than dealing with the issues that cause stress, marijuana provides temporary relief. Unwanted feelings will return once the drug’s effects have worn off. Over time, people have to take more and more of the drug to get the same results, which only further contribute to the stress levels. Either way, stress is known for being a significant cause of hair loss.

Overall, although it is considered by many to be a cure-all drug, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Smoking marijuana regularly can cause many issues, including hair loss. If you are a regular marijuana user suffering from hair loss, quitting the drug may be the best way to restore your hair health. At Custom Hair Tampa Bay, we offer the finest quality in non-surgical hair replacement solutions. To schedule a free consultation click here.

Photo Credit: walesjacqueline Via Pixabay