How to Manage Saltwater Hair


saltwaterIn summer there’s nothing better than a swim in the ocean to cool off and enjoy the outdoors. Keeping hair in top condition can be challenging with the effects of the sun and saltwater. Too much exposure to saltwater can leave hair dehydrated and damaged. Here’s how to keep hair shining and manage the effects of holidays and the sea.

Use Pre-Shampoo Conditioner

One of the best ways to avoid hair damage from the salty water in the ocean is to use a pre- shampoo conditioning treatment. This is simply applied to the hair before swimming and helps to minimize damage caused through exposure to saltwater and also avoids fading from sunlight. Pre-sun and swim products for hair are also worth trying before heading to the beach.

Use Sunscreen

It is vital to protect your scalp against harmful sun rays. Before swimming, apply sunscreen to your hair parting and the area around the hairline in addition to exposed body areas. This will help protect against sunburn when in the sea.

Wear a Swim Cap

Swimming caps help protect hair against damage from sea water so wearing one when in the water helps avoid problems. They can be hot to wear when the temperature rises but are effective and preventing hair damage.

Rinse the Salt

After a swim in saltwater, rinse your hair with fresh water. This will remove salt and minimize damage from the ocean. It helps avoid stickiness and matting, seen in hair that has been overexposed to the salty water. Take a bottle of water with you if the beach does not have showers.

Use a Conditioner

After swimming in saltwater, take a shower and wash your hair. Apply a conditioner to keep hair hydrated and to protect it against damage from salt. Hair oils are useful too as they keep the hair replenished with conditioning treatments. A hair moisturizing pack is another good way of treating hair after a swim in the sea.

By protecting your hair when swimming in saltwater, you’ll be able to have shiny well-conditioned hairstyles all summer long. If you’re struggling with your hair health or hair loss our specialists at Custom Hair will help you customize a hair replacement solution that matches your lifestyle. To schedule a free consultation at one of our three locations, click here.



Photo Credit: 1103489 Via Pixabay