The Link Between Heart Disease and Baldness in Men

heart disease

heart diseaseYou may think that the amount of hair on your head simply effects the way you look. However, in reality, the amount of baldness you experience — particularly as a man under 40 — could be an indicator of more serious health problems, including a risk of heart disease. If you are a man under 40 experiencing baldness, read on to learn more about what might be behind the condition.

Male Pattern Baldness as a Risk for Heart Disease

A recent study showed that male pattern baldness in men under 40 was a risk factor for developing heart disease later in life. The scientists from the U.N. Mehta Institute of Cardiology and Research Center determined that having male pattern baldness increased the risk of coronary artery disease by 5.6 times. This is a higher risk than those who are experiencing obesity.

Why Male Pattern Baldness and Heart Disease are Linked

Doctors believe that male pattern baldness and heart disease might be linked because both are caused by or signs biological aging (rather than chronological aging). This means that the body itself is getting older and declining–but not necessarily because time is passing. Causes of biological aging may be genetic, hormonal, or lifestyle.

How to Improve Your Health to Reverse Balding and Heart Disease

If you are under 40 and experiencing male pattern baldness, or you want to make sure you avoid it, then you can focus on living a healthier lifestyle. Give up unhealthy habits like drinking alcohol and smoking. Improve the quality of your diet by cutting out junk foods, processed foods, and excess salt.

Determining if Your Baldness Indicates Heart Disease

If you’re a male under 40 experiencing early baldness, you may want to see a doctor about underlying or unexpected heart conditions. A doctor can monitor your health to ensure that you’re not experiencing coronary artery disease. A doctor may also be able to give you advice on lifestyle changes to help reverse or stop biological aging, like how to reduce stress, exercise, get better sleep, and improve your diet in order to improve your overall health.

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