Hair Loss: The Myths and Facts


mythsFrom female to male hair loss the subject of going bald can be a devastating topic for many. There are also several myths going around that can confuse people and make them wonder if they will, in fact, go bald. If you’ve been wondering about your head of hair and if you will be saying goodbye to it anytime soon, here are some myths to consider.

What Is True?

Your mom’s dad was bald, so if you’re a man, you will definitely go bald as well. This has to be one of the number one myths that goes around. Many men who have grown up with bald grandfathers think that they will end up with a bald head as well. While baldness is genetic, it’s a combination of genes and not only the genetics passed down from your maternal grandfather.

If you’re a woman, there is no way that you can become bald. While men are often known to deal with baldness, it’s not solely a “curse” for the male gender. In fact, many women deal with hair loss throughout their lifetimes and some women do actually have hair loss that leads them to become entirely bald.

Is your shampoo making your hair fall out? When a man or woman stars to see their hair fall out, it’s easy to think that they brought it on themselves. Many will turn to their shampoo and make it the culprit, but in reality all that your shampoo is doing is removing hair that has already fallen out—it just hasn’t fallen off of your head.

Your hair products make you lose your hair. Your hair products or hair routine may be causing your hair to be damaged but they aren’t causing your hair to fall out. Because your products are not affecting your hair follicles, they are not causing your hair to fall out; although they may be causing it to break.

Wearing hats too much can make your hair fall out. People say that if a guy wears a hat a lot, he’s only going to make his hair fall out more. Many guys who are going bald may wear hats to cover up the “shame” they may feel about going bald which, of course, spurs people on to say that they are only making it worse. If you want to hide your balding head behind a hat, go ahead. Your hat isn’t causing your hair to fall out as it’s doing nothing to your hair follicles.

In Conclusion

If one were to believe all the myths going around about hair loss, you would stay away from ever washing your hair, styling it, or even wearing hats. Hair loss is due to other causes like alopecia, stress, and simply genetics. Avoiding the “myths” so you can keep your hair isn’t going to help. What can help is getting the proper treatment for your hair.

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Photo Credit: coritonjes0 Via Pixabay