Do Hair Extensions Really Work for Thinning Hair?

hair extensions

hair extensionsForget everything you’ve been told about hair extensions. It doesn’t matter if your hair is thin, flat, or weak — you can certainly get the look you want with the right hair extension accessories. Not all extensions are the same, mind you. Cheap, poor-quality extensions can do damage to your hair and cause a condition called “traction alopecia” (more on that later). This is why it’s essential you choose extensions from a reputable seller that specializes in non-damaging application techniques.

Can You Use Extensions If You Have Thin Hair?

Most extensions will work to some extent, even if you have thin hair. However, not all of these will produce the results you are looking for. Cheap, inferior accessories make it more noticeable that you are wearing extensions, which probably isn’t the style you are trying to achieve. Good products, on the other hand, add length and versatility without damaging your natural hair [1]. This way, you can have the hair you have always wanted — long, mid-length, curly, straight, the choice is yours.

Can Extensions Damage Thin Hair?

It depends. Some extensions can lead to hair loss because of extreme stress to the hair — a condition called traction alopecia [2]. Tight ponytails or braids can also increase the chances of traction alopecia [3].

Traditional “clip-in” extensions — the type you find in many hair salons and stores — are bonded to or sewn into your hair, which can cause friction.

But there’s an alternative.

Products that use something called the “fusion method” to attach the hair extension are less likely to cause damage, making them a good choice for women with thinning hair.

Final Word

If you have thinning hair and want to achieve fuller, longer, more versatile locks, there’s still hope. Extensions can provide you with volume and thickness, but you need to choose the right product. Otherwise, you could do damage to your hair and even experience hair loss. At Custom Hair Tampa Bay, our 100% human hair extensions are the highest-quality extensions available. To schedule a free consultation click here.



Photo Credit: StockSnap 27560 Via Pixabay