Get the Look You Want for Prom with Hair Extensions 

It’s right around the corner! The biggest night of the year. The night you’ve been planning for months. Your prom! You have the perfect gown, makeup look, and accessories — all that’s left is the perfect hairstyle. To choose the perfect hairstyle for your prom, consider the cut of your dress and your prom’s theme. We’ve chosen a few that will cover most of these bases, and they’re easy to achieve using hair extensions.

Show Off Your Gown’s Details with a High Ponytail

A detailed neckline or high neckline should be shown off to the fullest with a classy updo. Try a loose high ponytail to tie your look together.

Make a part across the middle of your head from ear to ear. Secure the top section with a clip.

Add serum to the rest of your hair and pull it back into a tight high ponytail.

Clip your hair extension ponytail around your ponytail.

Add heat protectant to the front section of your hair.

Pin the curls to the top, sides, and underside of your ponytail. Pull each pinned section to loosen it.

Wrap an accessorized band around your ponytail.

Accentuate Your Tiara with a Perfectly Curled Tress

The good thing about wearing a tiara is that it’s one of the most versatile accessories. You can accent it with a curly, wavy, or straight extension hairstyle. For something fun yet romantic, try a side part with barrel curls. To achieve this style:

Spray your hair with an anti-frizz heat protectant and make a side part. Spray your extensions and comb them through.

Part your hair across, then clip in your first extension. Repeat this process, working from the bottom section of your hair to the top.

Curl your hair and the extension hair together. (Add dry shampoo for volume.) Finish with hair spray.

Secure your tiara, and you’re good to go!

Omit the side part if you want cascading hair instead of hair that falls over your shoulders.

Make it a Theme with a High-Low Bun

Are you going for a Bridgerton-esq debutant look? This year’s Met Gala trend? No matter the theme, it should follow through from head to toe. Choosing an extension hairstyle based on your prom’s theme is a definite do. We chose a classic high-low bun to perfectly match a royal prom theme.

Brush through your hair using an anti-frizz serum. Next, apply moose or pomade to tame flyaways.

Pull your hair into a center ponytail.

Attach your extension hair around the ponytail.

Section the ponytail into two parts and twist the parts over one another, like a braid.

Wind the braid around your ponytail holder, then pin it in place after securing it with a rubber band.

Give volume to your bun by loosening the strands.

Have Some Fun with a Tousled Bun

The most versatile prom hairstyle you can achieve with hair extensions is a bun. Show off your sleeveless dress with a full-volume tousled bun.

Begin by adding your hair extensions and curling all of the hair together.

Part out bangs and clip them aside.

Divide your hair across the center. Part the top section into three vertical sections. Do the same for the bottom section.

Take the top-middle section and wrap it into a bun shape in the middle of your head. Pin it in place.

Wrap the bottom-middle section around this bun and pin it in place.

Tease your bangs and pin them around this bun.

Taking small parts of the remaining sections, begin pinning them around the bun loosely to cover any noticeable pins.

Before you settle on a look, try out a few different styles using hair extensions. Experiment with color, texture, and length, all without processing your natural hair. If you’re thinking about hair extensions to complete your prom hairstyle, contact Custom Hair Tampa Bay today. To schedule a free consultation, click here.

Photo Credit: Ilhabela Via Pixabay