Four Fantastic Hair Extension Styles for the Holidays


Nothing can glam up your holidays like a stunning new hairstyle, and thanks to hair extensions, you can have an instant fashion makeover in under a minute or two. If you really want to take things up a notch, however, it’s well worth investing a few more minutes to create a fabulous, unique hairstyle that will make you look like you’ve spent the day at a celebrity salon.

Hair extensions can add height and volume, or length and texture. They can provide pops of color for a festive look, or help you create eye-catching designs that would attract a fleet of paparazzi.  

Whether you’re just trying to change up your look, or aiming at a stunning entrance, here are four fabulous hair extension styles to try this holiday season.   

Lion’s Mane

To achieve this ultimate runway look, you may need to add several extensions, but the results will be breathtaking. A lion’s mane can be created with tight, spiral curls, or with wavy extensions. However you prefer it, the hallmark of a lion’s mane is its wild, layered look, which you can achieve by clipping in multiple hair extensions of varying lengths, blending them into your natural hair. Add a touch of hairspray or gel, and you’ll be ready to wow the room.

Dutch Braids

Unlike the traditional braided coronet or semi-circle, Dutch braids[1] hang down in a full, loosely plaited style. To make them especially alluring, add full, long extensions so the plaits will be extra thick and heavy. For more drama, after clipping on the extensions, start plaiting them at the top into a French braid, weaving in your own hair as smoothly as possible. And for a bit of holiday magic, weave in a few strands of glittery Christmas tinsel.

Classic Knots

Knots are on trend in today’s hairstyles — from the classic twisted or plaited lover’s knot to the elegantly simple Celtic knot. However you prefer your knot, a hair extension can help you add length, volume and texture so you can create the exact look you’re aiming for. Just clip or pin it, twist and tie it, and you’re good to go. For extra holiday bling, use a colorful extension in Christmassy reds and greens, or weave in sparkling strands of sequins.

Long, Sleek Locks

Possibly the most iconic look of the last five years is the long, sleek style, reminiscent of Cher in the 1960s and made famous today by everyone from Jennifer Lopez to the Kardashians. Whether it’s completely straight or gently waved, choose a long extension in a shade that matches your natural hair and simply clip it on, blending in the ends so it falls in a seamless line.

For most hairstyles, one extension should be sufficient. But if you want an abundance of hair, or if your hair is short or comparatively thin, you might have to use several extensions (the more hair, the better) to achieve the full fabulous hairstyle you’re trying to create. Whatever style you choose, a hair extension will enhance your natural hair with added fullness and volume. And if you’re experiencing hair loss, be sure to contact Custom Hair Tampa Bay by clicking here.

Photo Credit: oliana_gruzdeva Via Pixabay