7 Male Hair Loss Myths: Debunked

male hair loss

Are you worried about losing your hair? It may surprise you to know more than 50% of men over the age of 50 are affected by hair loss or baldness. Facts like these help debunk the astounding number of male hair loss myths hanging around. Here are seven that come up again and again.

1. Only Men Lose Their Hair

Although more men are affected by hair loss than women, hair loss can affect anyone — even children. Hair loss may be more noticeable in men due to the different ways people wear their hair, and because many men are unbothered by hair loss and choose to show it off proudly.

2. Hair Loss Is Caused by Stress

Okay, hair loss can be associated with stress in some circumstances. But for men, it’s far more likely to be male pattern baldness. This is where your hairline gradually changes as you get older, exposing more and more of your scalp as your hair gradually thins.

3. Hair Loss Is Patchy and Random

False. It’s much more likely that your hair loss will follow a recognizable pattern that you’ve probably noticed in other men. Hair loss usually presents around the temples and forehead, moving backward across the head. Hence the term “receding hairline.”

4. You Can’t Inherit Baldness

False. It’s not just luck of the draw that you start to lose hair as you get older. Male pattern baldness is normally a genetic condition, so if your dad or grandfather went bald as they got older, the chances are you will too. The next myth muddies those waters, somewhat.

5. Hair Loss Comes from Your Father

Also false. Despite it being genetic, you can actually inherit the genetics associated with male pattern baldness from either parent. The belief that all male characteristics come from the father is one of those pervasive myths that folks find hard to let go of.

6. Hair Loss Only Happens in Older Men

Although the vast majority of men experiencing hair loss are over 50, male pattern baldness can start to present in your mid-20s.

7. Hair Loss Treatments Are a Waste of Money

This is one of those hair loss myths that is fading as more effective and better hair loss treatments become more widely available. Topical treatments applied directly to the scalp can stimulate hair growth. Other treatments for hair loss include laser treatment at low doses. Men can also opt for hair transplants in some cases.

If you’re concerned about male hair loss, speak to a specialist who can discuss the options available and set your mind at rest. To schedule a free consultation at Custom Hair Tampa Bay, click here.

Photo Credit: Photo by Foto Sushi on Unsplash