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winterWinter is here, and exposure to the cold can be detrimental to hair. If you want to keep your hair healthy, it is important to know that cold or frigid air can make your hair dry and brittle, causing it to look damaged and unappealing. Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can keep your hair safe and healthy while you get through the winter. Follow these four easy tips to ensure nothing this winter damages your hair.

How to Protect Your Hair in The Winter:

Wear A Knit Hat

Whether you own a hat, beanie, or scarf, winter headwear will do its job well protecting your head from the cold. Your hair is sure to be kept warm, but it will also make your head sweaty. Therefore, you should make sure you practice proper hygiene and use anti-dandruff shampoo as you shower, as frequent use of hats can irritate your scalp.

Don’t Leave Your Hair Wet as You Leave Home

We’re all tempted to leave home quickly if we are in a hurry, but you should allow your hair to dry before you go outside. Cold air can cause the water in your hair to get colder. Not only that, but it will take longer for your hair to dry. If you are in a hurry to work or school, invest in a blow dryer if you want a quick way for your hair to dry.

Shower with Lukewarm Water.

Hot water may feel nice when you shower, but water that is hot can actually dry out your hair and cause it to lose its nutrients. That way, your hair will be left even more vulnerable to the elements of cold. Instead, keep the water lukewarm so that your hair retains moisture and doesn’t lose any of its natural components that make it healthy and thick in the first place.

Moisturize Hair with Deep Conditioning

It can be hard to keep hair moist when you need it to. Fortunately, you can buy a deep conditioner, which can keep your hair soft and thick. It also does the job of keeping in moisture so that your hair doesn’t get dry later in the day. Deep conditioner can be used all year round, but it is especially necessary in the winter.


There is no science to keeping your hair safe from the winter air. To keep your hair from getting brittle, it needs to be protected, kept moist, and constantly clean. Be prepared for this winter and more with proper headwear and hair-care products. Women suffering from thinning hair or hair loss have multiple non-surgical hair replacement solutions available to them here at Custom Hair Tampa Bay.

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Photo Credit: langll Via Pixabay