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saltwaterSummertime is here, which means sun, vacation, and some rest and relaxation at the beach. When it comes to your hair, this time of year can mean a multitude of things: new cut, new style, or maybe just letting your hair down and allowing summer (and saltwater) to do the rest.

Anyone who has experienced the freedom of beachy summer hair can describe the benefits of salt water. Whether you use a sea salt spray or actually go for a dip in the ocean, those messy, wavy strands add volume and fun to your hair. Salt water, however, does more than just add texture to your tresses.

Salt water’s effect on your hair has both pros and cons. Here’s how to enjoy the good while protecting your locks from any negative effects of your summer saltwater adventures.

How does salt water impact your hair?

The benefits

For many generations, salt has been used as a natural exfoliant for both the skin and scalp. Sodium chloride helps remove dead skin, dandruff, and reduce excess oil. Saltwater also has antibacterial properties, helping reduce swelling and cleanse wounds. This is great news for those who suffer from dry scalp or, conversely, from oily hair. After a swim in the ocean or a spritz of your favorite salt spray, your hair is left feeling less oily and the salt particles add that often-desired texture and volume.

The disadvantages

Unfortunately, some of the qualities that make salt water great, also cause damage to your hair. Salt naturally dehydrates using osmosis—pulling water from its surrounding environment. This means that as the salt water in your hair dries, the salt is also leaching away any natural moisture. Your strands are left drier than they were before their salty bath. If you already struggle with dry or damaged hair, saltwater, and salt sprays can cause further damage.

Enjoying saltwater and keeping your hair healthy

Having healthy summer hair doesn’t mean you have to avoid salt water this season. Keeping your hair protected comes down to these simple steps!

Rinse your hair with fresh water after a dip in the ocean. If you can’t shower immediately, rinsing away the excess salt will help protect your hair from drying out.

Use conditioners to help repair the moisture. After a day in the salty air, restore any lost moisture to your strands by using your favorite conditioner.

Limit your use of sea salt spray to just a few days each week. Instead of using your spray daily, protect your hair by using it every few days. If the texture is your favorite aspect of the spray, try using a sugar spray which adds texture without drying out your hair.

Summer is a great time to let your hair down, relax in the sun, and enjoy time at the beach. If, however, summertime leaves you with unexpected hair damage, Custom Hair Tampa Bay is here to help you restore your hair to its natural beauty. To schedule a free consultation click here.



Photo Credit: stokpic Via Pixabay