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split endsSplit ends are a sure sign of unhealthy hair. They fray up at the ends of your hair and make it look frizzy and difficult to style if you have them. So, what are split ends? How do you stop them? Technically, there is not one magic product that will get rid split ends, however you can minimize them.

What Causes Your Ends to Split?

They are basically the result of mistreating your hair. If you consistently use a curling iron, a hair straightener, or apply any direct heat to unprotected hair you are most likely going to get split ends. Anyone living in dry climates, or areas high in pollutants are more prone to split ends. Thinner hair is also more likely to split or come to be damaged.

Can You Get Rid of Split Ends?

The only sure way to get rid of them is to cut them off. The longer you wait to cut them off, the worse they become. A good trim from the salon every six to ten weeks will result in healthier hair. Pulling them or fussing with your split ends will only make them worse.

How to Minimize Split Ends

Taking steps to reduce the number of split ends you get is possible. When styling your hair be sure to use heat protecting products beforehand. If possible, use the lowest heat settings on your hair straightener or curling iron. Hair masks will moisturize dry hair which can prevent it from cracking. Using high end conditioners will help shield your hair as well. The less you use chemical treatments, like hair dyes on your hair, the better. Remember, your hair is more prone to breakage when it’s wet, so try to gently brush out wet hair.

If you’re struggling with unhealthy hair it’s important to reduce any activity that may be damaging it. The environment and products can take a toll but in the meantime hair extensions can instantly transform your hair into the flowing and flippable mane you’ve always desired!

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