Which Male Celebrities Have Gotten a Hair Transplant?

hair transplant

hair transplant

It seems like some male celebrities do not age with their movie star looks and full and lush heads of hair. It’s not surprising to fans that most of these leading men aren’t sporting natural hair and some turn to a hair transplant to maintain their looks.

Although some celebs won’t admit it, a few famous men who have undergone a hair transplant are:


Steven Seagal

There is much speculation concerning this actor’s hair and hairline. Although some claim that his always receding hairline may be a wig, it appears that he has hair plugs. Years ago, hair transplants were not performed to the caliber they are today, so it may be time for Mr. Seagal to go in for an update.

John Travolta

Superstar John Travolta has sported a variety of hairstyles through the years, however over the last few years, he has worn a cropped, edgier look. It isn’t difficult to notice the receding hairline as male-pattern baldness, especially when this actor reemerged a year or so later with his original “Grease” thrush of thick, dark hair. It was later revealed that Travolta, through movie star gossip, underwent a hair transplant.

Jude Law

Jude law is without a doubt handsome, however he has revealed signs of male-pattern baldness; that is, it did seem like he was losing his hair until lately. The flock of thick hair he has now seems to be in sharp contrast to photographs as recent as only a few years ago. This is typically a sign that an actor has had a transplant.

Donald Trump

The man well-known for saying “you’re fired” seemed to be stalling the age-related hair loss around the time he started wearing his signature comb-over in the 90s. But, amid his presidential coverage and media frenzy, it’s pretty clear that “The-Donald” does, in fact, have a full head of hair and isn’t disguising his baldness or wearing a toupee. Hair professionals speculate whether the president’s insistence on continuing to sport the outdated coiffure as a tactic to hide a surgery scar or to cover up a poor transplant or plugs.

Growing old gracefully is probably difficult for these movie stars, known for thick heads of hair. Hair transplants of today offer realistic results, so much so it is almost impossible to detect a transplant. Concerned about losing your hair? Take the leap, like these celebrities, and talk to a hair loss professional about the various solutions to hair loss.

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Photo Credit: Sam Friedrich Via Pixabay