Want Thicker, Fuller Hair? Try One of These Trendy Summer Hairstyles for 2019

summer hairstyles

summer hairstylesThe summertime is the best time to try a new look, and receding hairlines or thinning hair don’t have to get in the way of achieving a voluminous hairstyle. But if you want a look that gives your hair a thicker and fuller appearance, some hairstyles that outshine the rest. Try these trendy summer hairstyles–and tips—for a thicker, fuller look:

The Surfer Cut

The surfer cut is appropriate for the summer as it gives you that fresh, all-day beach look. Matthew McConaughey’s curly, voluminous look in the romance-action film Fool’s Gold achieves the surfer look well. Just keep your hair clean and use water-based or oil-free products like a salt spray to help your hair stand tall for a full look.

Side Sweep

If you have straight hair and want to avoid exposing your skin due to thinning hair, then the side sweep hairstyle is the look of the moment to try for the summer. This summer hairstyle is ideal for guys who want to achieve a fuller look. Just have your barber leave under two inches on the sides and leave a medium length on top. Add a side part, and use a light pomade to achieve a thicker, airy look.


The fade transformed from the closed-crop, full-on-top look sported by U.S. military men of the 1940s and ’50s to the cool, laid-back looks of the 1990s hip-hop era with high top fades al la Fresh Prince of Bel Air style. The fade continues to evolve with modern ‘dos of the 21st-century, such as Drake’s curly, side-parted fade. Fades have remained a popular choice since the 1940s and still work for summer looks today for good reasons. This casual hairdo helps give your hair a thicker appearance and is low-maintenance.

There are several fade styles you can try for the summer that work well with thinning hair, whether you have tight curls or straight hair. Go for a tight fade with a low top for straight hair looks. You can also pull off the high-top curly fade or a low flat top fade to make the look work for the summer for curly hair patterns. Define curls with a lightweight cream to add volume for a fuller look.

Final Thoughts

While there are tons of hairstyles worth trying for the summer heat, the surfer cut, side sweep and fade stand out. From hiding exposed skin caused by thinning hair to achieve a voluminous appearance, these hairstyles are ideal for the summer. Just try these trendy cuts for the summer to create a thicker, fuller look.

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Photo Credit: Free-Photos Via Pixabay