Three Ways to Treat Scalp Eczema Naturally

scalp eczema

scalp eczemaIf you are battling scalp eczema, you know how painful it can be. One of the worst parts of eczema is the intense itch that it can cause. Some people scratch the affected areas so much that they actually start to bleed. There is no way to know when a flare up is going to occur, so it’s important to make sure that you treat affected areas as soon as you start to notice an issue so that you can limit the amount of time you have the flare up as much as you can. The guide that follows walks you through a few ways you can treat your scalp eczema naturally.

Change Your Diet

The first thing that you can do to treat your eczema is to change your diet. Many people don’t realize that the foods that they eat can directly affect how often they have an eczema flare up and how intense it will be. Gluten is an ingredient that should be avoided at all costs when you have eczema. People with eczema typically have a gluten sensitivity and notice flare ups soon after eating bread, pasta, or other gluten-rich food.

Create a Baking Soda Paste

When you want to stop the itch, place baking soda in a small bowl and add enough water to make a paste. Rub the paste onto the area where the flare up is occurring and allow the paste to sit for roughly twenty to thirty minutes. Rinse off the paste with warm water and then place lotion directly over the area. This will soothe the eczema and reduce the amount of itch that you feel.

Heal the Area with Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is an all-natural oil that has astringent properties. It can help your skin to heal much faster than it would if you did not treat it at all. Moisten a cotton ball with the tea tree oil and rub it directly onto the eczema and allow to dry. The oil will cause the area to tingle, but it will feel like mint has been placed on your skin. You should start to feel an improvement within an hour or so.

Eczema is a lifelong condition that will come and go throughout your life. Use these tips to make the flare ups more manageable and keep yourself comfortable as much as you possibly can. If scalp eczema is affecting your hair growth, Custom Hair Tampa Bay offers the finest quality in non-surgical hair replacement solutions. Our specialists will help you customize a hair replacement solution that matches your lifestyle. To schedule a free consultation at one of our three locations click here.



Photo Credit: Free-Photos Via Pixabay