Top 5 Prom Hairstyles for 2017

prom hairstyles

prom hairstylesWith prom just around the corner, we wanted to highlight the top prom hairstyles for 2017. It’s a big night, and you want to look and feel great from head to toe!

Long Beachy Waves

Sometimes the best hairstyle to complement your look is something as simple as keeping it down. Add a little mousse to your hair when it’s wet and take a big barreled curling iron to the ends of your hair, giving it just enough curl and volume to be sexy and fun without being overly complicated! It’s a simple, beautiful style that allows you to just be yourself. Don’t have long hair, but want to get this look? You can get hair extensions!

Mermaid Braid

Layered braids are so in right now! While they can be a little more time intensive, they look awesome and there are a ton of different styles you can try out. Check out these five different mermaid braid styles. What’s great about these braids is that you can also decorate them with jewels or flowers for a little added glitz! This is another hairstyle that could benefit from the use of hair extensions to give your braid a little extra oomph and volume.

Simple Twisted Updo

The updo is the classic prom hairstyle, and is great for dancing because it keeps your hair up and out of the way all night. But you still want it to look elegant! Here is a super simple updo that’s possible for people with all different hair lengths, the Twisted Updo. This hairdo is so easy you can do it at home, but it looks absolutely gorgeous!

French Braid Crown with Loose Waves

This is a great half up, half down style to keep your hair out of your face as you’re dancing, while still keeping that long, beautiful length. It’s another simple look that helps frame your face and complement your dress. There are several different versions of all different hair lengths to help you achieve this look: Crown Braid Tutorials.

Bubble Ponytail

Easy and fun, this is the perfect last minute hairstyle which appears far more complicated than it is! It’s also great for keeping your hair up and looking great all night long. Here’s a great tutorial to help you achieve that look: Bubble ponytail.

With these amazing ideas, you’re sure to sparkle at prom this year! And as you can see, you don’t need to spend a ton of money or do anything too complicated to get a beautiful, elegant look.

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Photo Credit: betsisman Via Pixabay