Top 5 Hottest Women’s Hairstyles for Spring 2021

spring hairstyles

Hairstyles are about beauty, self-care, and self-expression. The best hairstyle must be simple and straight. Generally speaking, there is no need to opt for complicated hairstyles, especially if you are struggling to combat hair loss. In this post, we focus on the top five hottest spring hairstyles for women in 2021. Let’s begin!

Razor-Sharp Edges

Trends tend to encompass contrasting ideas and styles. In any case, the precise razor-sharp hairstyle has a fresh saloon look that is appealing and will get you rocking. The hairstyle can match well with an angled part, a dark black color, and the crispest ends. Razor-Sharp Edges is an international style that works for most women worldwide and it is one of the best spring hairstyles.

Air Dried Ease

This hairstyle showcases hair that is not pressed or primped. Instead of the sophisticated air-dried strands, it opts for a simpler leave-in cream touch that gives a natural and beautiful texture. The air-dried ease spring hairstyle is ideal for hair loss victims looking for a hairstyle to save time and money.

Blonde Bob

The blonde bob hairstyle features curled-under ends and bangs. It comes with a smooth texture. Besides, it has a beautiful slight split at the center of its luscious and long hair bangs. The most exciting feature about this Gucci look is its soft and sweet hair.

Choppy and Long Pixie

This choppy pixie hairstyle is not precisely the gamine Audrey pixie. Instead, it is more modern and resembles the Balmain hairstyle. You brush the hair from the head top straight forward and trim in with jagged snips above its lashes. It comes with nape-hugging and flicky pieces that feel pretty and punk.

Slick High Ponytail

This fly style is suitable for people who like to toss their hair. It gives a snatched pony look at the hairline back. Again, it gets waved at the ends and wrapped at the base. Generally, it involves more red-carpet styles dripping with ease & hairstyle, but not overly wrought.


The bottom line is that hairstyles are taking on a new trend in 2021. If you are struggling with hair loss, the styles we discussed in this article can be helpful. In any case, when choosing the best spring hairstyles, make sure to pick a style that matches your general look. Besides, it must be affordable and suitable for upcoming events. To talk to a hair loss specialist at Custom Hair Tampa Bay set up a free consultation by clicking here.

Photo Credit: Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash