The top 5 Hottest Prom Hairstyles for 2021


Getting ready for prom involves a lot of preparation for both students and parents. From dresses, accessories, shoes, and makeup, your practice is not complete without a perfect hairdo. Deciding on what hairstyle to wear for prom can be overwhelming.

However, that should not bother you anymore. With a bit of creativity, you can pull a dazzling look that will make your prom memorable and exciting. Whether you have long, short, or medium-length hair, there are a ton of gorgeous hairstyles you can rock in this year’s prom.

Braided Updo

If your hair is long and straight, this style will bring out a perfect cuteness for your prom night. You can choose to make a single braid on the side and twist a low curly bun. This style is ideal for ombre-colored hair. Alternatively, you can have a loosely braided fishtail bun. Whether your bun is curly, braided, or messy, the good thing is that this look is simple and easy to do.

Mid Length Curls

Although updos are more common in prom, wearing your hair down exhibits a confident look as well. Allowing the curly ends to flow freely will bring out an elegant look and a perfect match with the gown of your choice. To add more glamor, you can braid the top and let the curly end flow freely. It is a simple style that does not require intricate details.

Youthful Fresh Waves

The youthful, fresh wavy look is ideal for all hair types, textures, and lengths. The waves flow freely, maintaining the hair length. To enhance the look, you can weave a fishtail braid on the sides. If your hair is thin, the waves will make it more voluminous and complete, giving you a more glamorous look.

Simple and Romantic Half Up Half Down

It is one of the ageless styles that remains suitable for prom queens and complements any outfit. It is especially ideal for curly or braided hair. The top half is tied in the middle with a floral accessory, while the bottom half flows freely. If you are wearing your hair down and you do not want hair strands flowing on your face, this style is perfect for you.

Classic Chignon Bun

A classic chignon bun is a popular easy to do style. With this hairstyle, the hair is combed straight and tied up in a low bun. You can glamorize it by loosely twisting the sides and allowing a few strands to hang on your face. It gives you the confidence to step up for a dance.

Bottom Line

While there are countless styles you can wear for prom, your choice needs to complement your personality, attire, and your hair type. Additionally, you can spice your look with floral hair accessories and hair extensions.

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