Top 2022 Spring Hairstyles You Need to Try

Spring is finally here. There’s nothing like the changing seasons to inspire a new style. Spring is a season that represents growth, transition, and newness, making it the perfect choice. 

The pandemic had many of us dealing with a severe lack of hairdressers, which led to a surge in people trying new styles. It also led to people searching for ways to increase the longevity of their hairstyles – after many suffered lackluster growth of their hair after a short period. Because of this, people are looking for sleek, straight styles and shorter cuts.

The emphasis will be on healthy, happy hair that enhances the face and makes you look your best once the warm weather arrives. Here we’ve put together the latest springtime hair trends for women in 2022.

Long layers

As we head into spring, the last thing you want is a flat cut with no movement that looks dull and lifeless. Adding layers gives the hair movement and volume and makes it more interesting than just a standard cut where it’s all the same length.

A classic bob

If you don’t like the hassle that comes with long hair but want to look effortlessly chic, a classic bob is something that won’t ever go out of style. With many celebs sporting this style, you can lead the trends too. Whether you opt for a classic, neat bob or something short, chic, and shaggy, the options are down to you!

Wispy bangs

Bangs are still huge spring hairstyles trends, but not all of us want a heavy, blunt cut. If this is you, look for wispy bangs with layers around the face. This adds a softness to long hair and creates more texture and movement, making for a much more interesting style.

Go for the chop

Short hair is more in style than ever before, but this doesn’t mean you have to go straight for a drastic pixie cut. Speak to your stylist to find out which style will suit your face best and talk about the time you have to maintain your locks, as this can make a difference to the best short haircut for you. As far as spring hairstyles go, this is an effortless choice.

Opt for an edgy undercut

For an edgy style with a feminine twist, look for an edgy undercut. You could choose to have the back or sides shaved, or even just one side. Speak to your stylist and ask which they think will look best on you and the maintenance levels it might require.

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Photo Credit: AdinaVoicu Via Pixabay