The Damaging Effects of Hair Dye

hair dye

hair dyeExperimenting with different hairstyles and colors is fun, but are you aware of the damaging effects of using hair dye? The reality is that dyeing your hair can cause long-term harm, and the longer you dye your hair, the more damage you are doing. So, what’s really going on?

Ammonia Lifts the Cuticle of Your Hair

The way in which the color actually sticks is almost all hair dyes contain ammonia, which breaks through the protecting layers of cuticles in your hair and removes them to create a place for the dye to set in. Ammonia elevates the pH of your hair, allowing the cuticle to rest and be lifted off your strands of hair. This isn’t something that your hair is ever supposed to do, and it causes irreparable harm.

Peroxide Strips Away and Destroys Your Natural Color

Peroxide strips away your natural color to activate your desired color. Peroxide is extremely drying to hair, which is why dyed hair is often coarser than virgin hair. Bleach actually oxidizes the color proteins within the hair, leaving them colorless and causing everlasting harm.

Depositing the Pigment

When the cuticles are eliminated and the color is stripped away, then your chosen color will be deposited. Dyes include a series of chemicals, and their molecules bond with strands of hair. These molecules are small and will penetrate each hair shaft, and they react to create polymers that cannot be washed out. They will then change the makeup of every strand of hair.

Ammonia-Free Dyes

Even dyes that are labeled “ammonia-free” or “semi-permanent” can cause damage to your hair. These dyes aren’t as damaging or as drying to the hair, but the coloring doesn’t last as long, so in order to keep it up, you may have to dye it more often.

Dryness Damage

Dry hair is far from ideal, but it may be helped with proper conditioning. Unfortunately, the damage can run deep, causing brittle hair and breakage can occur. It has been discovered that some chemical substances in hair dyes are considered as being potential carcinogens, and could be dangerous to your health.

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Photo Credit: PublicDomainPictures Via Pixabay