Suffering from Hair Loss During the Holidays?


holidaysYou’ve officially reserved your tickets to go home during the Holidays, however as the date gets closer, you’re starting to feel on edge. You realize that you’ve been experiencing male pattern baldness this year, and you’re fearing a reaction to your hair loss by your loved ones.

While thousands of individuals battle hair loss, it’s normal for you to feel less confident when your hair is noticeably thinning. Instead of simply throwing caution to the wind, here are a few tips to help you feel more Zen about your hair loss before your trip back to your hometown.

Love Your Hairstyle

Try not to give up on your hair simply because you’re losing it. Go get a fantastic cut before the holiday party season begins, so you can attend social gatherings with confidence. If you want your hair to look thicker ask your hairstylist what cut you should go with. Coloring your hair or getting a shorter haircut is two tricks hairstylists use to make hair appear thicker.

Wigs Are Better than Ever

If your thinning hair is really making you uncomfortable, consider sporting a wig for the Holidays. A lot of Hollywood starlets utilize wigs to change their looks on a dime and give their hair a rest so don’t be reluctant to try out a wig. That way you can have worry free fun during the Holidays and deal with your hair loss in the New Year.

We All Change Over the Years

Odds are you aren’t the only one whose appearance has changed over the previous year. A few relatives will have added a couple pounds, while others will be showing a few more wrinkles. Keep in mind: The reason behind going home for the Holidays is to see your loved ones, so just be loving and supportive toward all family members. By not participating in unkind comments and babble, you’ll set the tone for time your at home and will encourage others to be kind as well.

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Photo Credit: jill111 Via Pixabay