Can Styling Products Damage Your Hair?

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Hair products are supposed to make your hair healthier by boosting its shine, improving its strength, and balancing its moisture. Sadly, you can spend hundreds of dollars on hair products that actually harm your hair. Sometimes, the only solution is to cut it off and start again. To avoid this problem, check the labels of hair products before you buy them and avoid the following ingredients.


Sulfates have long been used in shampoos to strip away dirt and oil. Sadly, they often strip away essential moisture as well, leaving your hair brittle and lifeless. Your scalp may become dry and flaky as well. Sulfates can also cause eye and skin irritation for some users. Choose products that do not use sulfates in their formulas to help protect your hair. 


For years, beauty companies have included parabens in their skin, hair, and makeup products. They add these chemicals to preserve their products so they retain their effectiveness for a longer period of time.  While parabens are effective preservatives, they cause multiple problems. Humans easily absorb them through their skin, which can be dangerous. Parabens are associated with raising estrogen levels, which can help spread breast cancer cells. They may also exacerbate skin damage that leads to skin cancer. The risk certainly isn’t worth it.  Parabens can also damage your hair and scalp, leading to hair loss. 


Want smoother, straighter hair? Beware of formaldehyde. Many straightening and smoothing products contain this chemical, which becomes dangerous at certain levels. Some users experience respiratory problems, dizziness, nausea, rashes, and even chest pain. If you feel you must use a product containing formaldehyde, have a professional hairstylist apply it. Do not use it at home. Also, read the ingredients of hair products for yourself and ask questions. For instance, make sure the manufacturer is following OSHA’s limits on formaldehyde amounts. Too much formaldehyde can damage your hair and lead to hair loss. 


Ammonia is an ingredient in many hair dyes that can make the color last longer. However, too much of this chemical can destroy the hair follicles and leave you with frizzy, dry hair. Over the long term, ammonia may keep your hair from holding new color treatments. Ammonia can also cause skin issues, eye irritations, lung problems, and sinus issues. Look for ammonia-free dyes.

Final Notes

You need to be aware of every hair product’s ingredients. Many companies have now substituted these harmful chemicals for more hair- and environmentally-friendly ingredients. Simply eliminating substances such as sulfates and parabens can give you a much healthier and more beautiful head of hair.

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Photo Credit: Engin_Akyurt Via Pixabay