Simple Ways to Participate in No-Shave November

no-shave november

no-shave novemberCombating cancer is a great use of time, and most fundraising organizations require countless hours of dedication. However, there is a wonderful way to raise awareness which is less of a time commitment. You can make a difference by participating in No-Shave November.

The concept is to cut out shaving and grooming for one month, for example by growing a beard or moustache, growing out your leg hair, or whatever you’re comfortable with. In addition to getting to sleep in a bit longer, you get to participate in the fight against cancer.

First and foremost, No-Shave November brings more awareness to cancer. It becomes an effective ice-breaker when people comment on your new look, making it easy to give suggestions on how to donate. Also, the correlation between growing your hair and the side-effect of chemotherapy makes sense.

Secondly, there’s a simple fundraising philosophy behind the idea. At month’s end, you’re taking the cash you would typically spend on shaving products or waxing services, and you donate it to No-Shave November. The campaign budget goes towards organizations fighting to prevent cancer, in addition to groups working to aid cancer patients. The donator has control over how their money is divided among the different projects.

If you don’t want to physically participate in the campaign yourself, you can financially sponsor No-Shave November. There’s even a leaderboard so that groups and corporations can compete to see who can raise the most money. A beard growing competition over social media is another great way to spread the word.

There are multiple admirable ways to raise cancer awareness, but for anyone who can’t contribute a lot of time or money to the cause, No-Shave November is a great campaign to participate in. It’s a wonderful way to make a difference.

Letting your beard grow out is a simple and effective way for men to participate in No-Shave November. But if you’ve discovered that you have more hair on your chin than on top of your head it could be time to do something about your hair loss. At Custom Hair Tampa Bay, we take into account the cause of our client’s hair loss and customize the best hair replacement solution for their needs. To schedule a free consultation at one of our three locations click here.



Photo Credit: WikiImages Via Pixabay