7 Signs your Hair Products are Causing Damaged Hair


Split ends. Brittle hair. Hair loss. All signs that something is going wrong with your hair routine. You might assume it’s stress or lack of sleep causing your damaged hair. But it could actually be the hair products you’re using. These seven tips can help you spot problematic products and swap them out for something more hair-friendly.

1 Extremely dry hair

Dry hair can be difficult to control, hard to comb or brush, and brittle. Your hair needs moisture from the inside and out. That means drinking plenty of water and using hair products that naturally moisturize. Some shampoos strip away the hair’s natural oils, robbing it of moisture and leaving it dry and prone to damage. A gentler shampoo combines with a light but moisture-rich conditioner can help.

2 Breakage

The consequence of dry or brittle hair is, of course, hair breakage. If your hair regularly breaks or sheds when brushing or styling, it can be another sign that your hair products are too harsh or lacking in moisture. Hair loss can be another red flag.

3 Scalp Residue

If your scalp feels greasy and has a white residue, this could be due to a buildup of product. This could mean you are using too much, or that you need to switch to a lighter shampoo or conditioner to clean your scalp.

4 Flyaway Hair

Hair naturally coats itself in oils produced at the scalp. As well as nourishing the hair, these oils make it more manageable. If your hair has become frustratingly flyaway, your product may be too harsh and causing hair damage.

5 Frizzy Hair

Another sign of dry or damaged hair is that your hair has become frizzier than usual. This can be due to excessive moisture loss, or breakage which results in lots of short hairs as it regrows in. Switch your product for something more moisture-rich or speak to a specialist.

6 Dull Hair

Hair should have some natural shine or gloss. Hair that is overworked or has too much product on can become dull and lifeless. Some hair products mask the hair’s normal shine by giving each strand a chemical coating, whilst others remove the natural oils. Changing your hair products can help restore your hair’s glow.

7 Having to Use More and More Product

If you start off using a tiny amount of product with brilliant results but keep having to increase how much you use, that’s a red flag for your hair. The products could be preventing crucial nutrients from getting to your hair, taking away natural shine or bounce.

If any of these signs are familiar to you, it could be time to review your arsenal of hair products. It’s possible to manage damaged hair with a good diet, a good sleep routine, plenty of water, and the right products for your hair type.

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Photo Credit: pimnana Via Pixabay