Will Prince William’s Son Suffer from Male Pattern Baldness Too?

male pattern baldness

male pattern baldnessPrince William was elated when he found out that he was having a son. One thought that may have come up for him, however, was whether or not his son was going to eventually suffer from male pattern baldness like him. Unfortunately, male pattern baldness is more common than most people realize. The following guide provides some valuable information regarding the factors that could lead to Prince William’s son being bald and what can be done to try to minimize the baldness as much as possible.

The Baby’s Genes Play a Powerful Role in His Baldness Probability

Unfortunately for the baby, it is obvious male pattern baldness runs in his family. The likelihood of the baby balding prematurely is very high due to the fact that both his father and his grandfather suffer from male pattern baldness.

Eating the Right Foods Can Help Limit the Baldness Symptoms

Ensuring that the baby gets plenty of iron and a limited amount of vitamin A can help to improve the chances of him having hair for as long as possible. Too little iron and too much vitamin A can both lead to premature hair loss. A doctor can help determine how much iron the baby needs throughout his life to keep his luscious locks for as long as possible.

Monitoring the Baby’s Stress Is Important

Prince William needs to take the time to monitor how the baby handles stress as he grows. If his child starts to pull or twist his hair when he feels stressed, he will lose his hair quicker than he would if he did not constantly tug at it. Going to a counselor to talk about his feelings could help the child learn how to handle stress in a more productive way.

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Photo Credit: Medienservice Via Pixabay