Preventing and Managing Split Ends on Your Own

Split Ends

Split EndsEvery woman is at war with her split ends every now and then! Much like the rest of our bodies, our hair health is a reflection of what we consume, from our food intake to hormones, and stress to the environmental elements. If you include external elements like over-washing (that could strip the hair of nourishing oils), harsh chemicals and buildup, and damage from hairstyling with heat, most women have a hard time preserving vibrant, strong, gorgeous hair. Split ends may be unavoidable, but by incorporating some self-care practices you can improve the health of your strands and minimize hair damage from over-processing.

Believe it or not, not all split ends are created equal. There are six kinds of breakage that will identify what is causing your hair damage and show you how to get your healthy locks back. These are the most common varieties of split ends:

Regular split

Fork in the road





Also, known as trichoptilosis, split ends occur when the hair shaft breaks. The break usually happens at the end, but can happen anywhere on the shaft.

Causes of Split Ends

Brushing your hair – You can’t avoid brushing and detangling your hair. But the force of combing a hairbrush and comb through your locks, particularly wet hair, is typically the root cause of split ends.

Hair care products containing harsh chemicals – Using the wrong product (or too much of any product) can weaken the hair shaft, making it easier to break. Be sure to use products that are designed for your type of hair (normal, dry, oily), and take time to read labels and reviews before trying a new product to ensure it is a good match.

Heat styling and treatments – You do not have to give up blow drying, ironing or curling your hair altogether, but over exposure to heating tools takes a toll on hair health over the years. Try to minimize the use of them, and take steps to protect and seal the hair shaft before using heating tools.

Over-washing – Nothing beats the feeling of fresh, clean hair. But washing your hair every day (and the styling that is going along with it) can do greater harm to your hair over time. Washing your hair every other day and experimenting with “off day” hairstyles will be a welcomed break for your hair and can result in new and exciting hairstyles.

Preventing Split Ends

Eat a healthy diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, and protein.

Occasionally air dry your hair.

Trim, trim, trim.

Restrict your use of chemical hair products.

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Photo Credit: IreneLasus Via Pixabay