Post Pregnancy Hair Loss: What We Know


pregnancyFor many women, during pregnancy they say that their hair is thicker than before. However, after giving birth, those same mothers will lose hair to the point of developing bald spots. Ironically, each hair transformation is the end result of hormone changes due to pregnancy. Although most moms report that their hair grows back again after a year, knowing what to do throughout the course of those months can give women a sense of confidence about their hair loss.

What causes Postpartum Hair Loss

Women who are not pregnant have five to fifteen percent of their hair follicles in the dormant stage, and those hairs will not grow and will fall out. But a pregnant woman experiences surging estrogen levels which prevents hair from falling out. However, after she gives birth, estrogen levels drop, and hair becomes dormant and starts to shed.

Adding to hormonal hair loss, many moms have experienced stress after being pregnant, which also speeds up hair loss. Daily updos and too-tight ponytails can also result in breakage and make hair look thinner.

A lot of moms discover that they lose the hair on top of their head or alongside their hairline. But, some pregnant women lose clumps of hair or even develop small bald patches of scalp.

Post Pregnancy Hair Loss

For a lot of women, their hair can be thinnest from 4 to 6 months after giving birth, and typically their hair will go back to normal within 6 to 8 months after that. In order to overcome postpartum hair loss, a volumizing shampoo, coupled with a fine hair conditioner, can hide thinning hair. Hair thickeners and mousse also can help bulk up strands until more hair grows back.

Hair loss during pregnancy can be disconcerting, but it is absolutely normal for most women. Those who experience excessive hair loss, or people who do not begin re-growing hair after six months, should seek advice from a hair loss professional to rule out other causes of hair loss.

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Photo Credit: drwdowin Via Pixabay