Want a New You for the New Year? Consider a Men’s Hair System

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As each year ends, countless individuals follow the time-honored practice of making New Year’s resolutions, from “I will lose 20 pounds” to “I will be nicer to my mother-in-law.” Many such resolutions revolve around achieving a new look and enjoying the renewed self-confidence that look might bring. If you’re unhappy about the current state of your hairline due to male pattern baldness, maybe it’s time you resolved to do something about it. That’s when it makes good sense to adopt a men’s hair system in the coming year.

What Does a Men’s Hair System Involve?

A men’s hair system typically offers a non-surgical means of replacing lost hair with remarkably realistic, custom-fitted hairpieces. Today’s men’s hair replacement experts construct these systems out of natural human hair or a blend of human and synthetic hair. This choice not only gives your new hair a realistic look but also responds well to common hair styling tools and methods.

You’ll find your men’s hair system quite comfortable thanks to the built-in ventilation that helps to keep your scalp cool and dry. The secret lies in the way hair system experts attach individual hairs or tiny groupings of hairs to the base of the appliance. Modern hair attachment options that provide good ventilation include knotting the hairs to the base, injecting them between two layers of the base and sewing them through the base (the best option for a realistic front hairline). You may get a choice of lace, polymer and monofilament bases.

State-of-the-Art Techniques Yield Superior Results

Men’s hair replacement has come a long way over the millennia that men have sought solutions to male pattern baldness. Hundreds of years ago, wigs worn as fashion statements didn’t attempt to fool observers as to their authenticity. Just a few decades ago, many men had to content themselves with ill-fitting toupees that didn’t stay in place and often didn’t even match their natural hair color.

Today’s hair replacement systems for men appear indistinguishable from a full head of real hair. You can get a hair replacement system that matches your natural hair color perfectly and stays securely in place for many weeks at a time. You can swim, shower and engage in all your favorite activities without worrying about the state of your hair—which means you can plan on having a lot more fun in the year to come.

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