Rockin’ New Year’s Eve Hair Extensions

New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve is the ideal occasion for head-to-toe glam, and long, full, luxurious hair is the essence of glamour. Happily, now anyone can have those tresses with the skillful application of hair extensions. Own the room and draw every eye with these valuable tips on hair extensions to rock New Year’s Eve! So, if you have exciting plans for ringing in 2022, be sure you’re making the most of this exhilarating prospect, starting at the top.

Choosing hair extensions

When selecting hair extensions, you have options. These beauty aids run the gamut, from style, type, and color to application method and longevity. 

Materials: Hair extensions are made of either synthetic materials or authentic human donor hair. Natural hair is more durable, versatile, and of higher quality. However, synthetic hair is more budget-friendly. It can be a smart option when you don’t expect to leave the extensions in for very long. 

Appearance: Color, style, length, texture, braids, weaves, twists, curl pattern, and other aesthetics vary a lot in hair extensions. Just understand that you can acquire almost any characteristics you desire with extensions.

Application: Hair extension installation methods include clips, bands, crochet loops, tape, glue, needle and thread, or tiny beads. Depending on the application method and desired hairstyle, you can attach the extensions to loose hair, small batches of individual strands, or braids. 

Longevity: Clip-in, ponytail, and halo extensions are the simplest options with the shortest lifespan. But with careful maintenance, you may reuse them several times over a lengthy period. Glue, tape, and crochet applications may last for several weeks, while sew-in, fusion bonding, and beading methods have a more permanent nature. Typically, a year or so is the top limit. Regardless of application technique, natural hair extensions maintain their appearance and serviceability longer than synthetic options. 

Styling your new tresses

Once you’ve chosen your extensions and had them installed, it’s time to rock your new look. Ready to strut your stuff with new, longer, fuller hair that simply spills beautifully down your back? Have you’ve been eyeing an intricate style or pattern that only pops if you have enough volume? That look you fell in love with is attainable now. 

You can dye, heat, and style natural hair extensions the same way you handle the hair that grows from your head. However, with synthetic locks, you should acquire extensions already colored and styled to your preference.

Let your stylist know if you want to wear your hair up. They can apply installation techniques that hide or minimize the visibility of your tracks when your hair is up or in a ponytail. With the added volume, even a ponytail takes on a glamorous air. 

You can also make adjustments of your own if you’re self-installing clip-in extensions or crochet braids. Use mirrors for a 360-degree view to check that none of your clips are visible from various angles. Then it’s only a matter of maximizing that extra fullness with styling that accents your face.

Doing your ‘Do!

With New Year’s Eve around the corner, there’s no time to waste. Contact Custom Hair Tampa Bay to discuss extensions and your dream hairstyle for the upcoming festivities. To contact us click here.

Photo Credit: 99mimimi Via Pixabay