National Alopecia Awareness Month

alopecia awareness month

alopecia awareness monthSeptember is National Alopecia Awareness Month, which is dedicated to raising public awareness on Alopecia areata. The incurable condition continues to affect millions of people in the USA and around the world.

Events and activities are set up around the country in spreading knowledge on available treatment options and providing a meeting ground for communities that are coping with the condition.

Effects of Alopecia areata

An autoimmune disorder in Alopecia sufferers is known to attack hair-bearing follicles throughout the body, leading to non-scarring baldness. Other accompanying symptoms of hair loss may subside within a year of onset but balding often remains a permanent problem without the administering of specialized hair loss treatment.

There are many forms of Alopecia, which are determined by the patterns of baldness found on the body. This may range from minor Alopecia areata patchy, which affects small coin-sized patches of the scalp or skin, to Alopecia areata universalis, which causes complete baldness in the body.

This physical result leads Alopecia sufferers in seeking multiple hair regrowth treatments to restore their original looks while re-establishing a sense of confidence.

Known Causes of Alopecia

Alopecia areata is an inherited disease, with many sufferers having family members who face the same condition. It is also known as a polygenic disease, which means that both parents of sufferers contribute a certain number of genes related to the condition.

Alopecia rarely affects children below the age of 3 and occurs most often in individuals between the age of 30-60. It can affect people of any age, gender, or ethnic group.

The diseases are also known to simultaneously occur with other autoimmune disorders such as

Treatments for Alopecia

Various treatment options are available for Alopecia, depending on the extent and duration of hair loss. As a direct measure, steroids are injected through the skin at affected areas to stimulate hair regrowth cycles.

There are multiple commercially available options of topical lotions, creams and ointments but these may prove less effective than intravenous methods since they do not affect glands deep beneath the dermis. Oral alternatives exist but are often avoided due to the adverse reactions they may cause in the body.

We aspire to provide continuous hope and support for all sufferers during National Alopecia Awareness Month until a cure is developed or the release of an FDA-approved treatment.

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