Matching Men’s Hairstyles with Their Face Shape

face shape

face shapeFor men, getting a haircut used to mean a simple trip to the barbershop and letting the barber decide the cut. Men were stuck with the look the barber decided on. Today, things have changed. Guys have several more options for men’s hairstyles. How do you decide? An important factor to consider is your face shape. There are great cuts out there that match your face shape.

Even for guys who are suffering from hair loss, it’s absolutely possible to choose the style that you want with today’s hair replacement systems and advanced technology. There are multiple customized hair loss treatment options for men that will let them pick any style they want which is flattering to their face shape and suits their personal style.

Oval Face

Those with an oval face are the fortunate ones. Almost any hairstyle looks good! Leaning toward a fade or undercut with a pompadour is a great choice. Even a simple buzz cut could look good.

Triangle Face

With a triangle face, your jawline is wider than your cheekbones, which can make your forehead appear small. This can make some feel self-conscious, however it is easy to fix with a good haircut. Often, a textured quiff or something with one side longer than the other and swept over the forehead works. Even “messy” hairstyles are a good look for triangle face shaped men thinking about hair replacement.

Round Face

Guys with round faces will typically try and create a longer look for their face, so a higher hairstyle is imperative here. A pomp or even spikes with a fade on the sides can do wonders to make your face seem rectangular.

Oblong Face

Oblong means lengthy and thin. Most guys with this shaped face don’t want to add volume to the top of their head, so shorter is better. A good buzz cut or a crew cut can really shake things up.

Square Face

Square faces have similarities to round shaped faces, but the jaw is extra angular. A lot of guys with square faces are described as rugged looking, particularly when they have the beard to add to their ruggedness. A hairstyle with some volume will lengthen your face. But, in order to highlight that chiseled jaw, a shorter buzz or crew cut will do the trick.

Men who are suffering from hair loss don’t have to give up the perfect hairstyle for their face shape. At Custom Hair Tampa Bay, we take into account the cause of our client’s hair loss and customize the best hair replacement solution for their needs. We specialize in non-surgical hair replacement solutions with proven results. To schedule a free consultation at one of our three locations click here.



Photo Credit: Free-Photos Via Pixabay