Male Celebrities who have Defeated Their Hair Loss

Suffering from hair loss? Don’t despair; it happens to a lot of men. Actors, singers, or even A list male celebrities are learning ways to defeat their baldness by trying modern methods to restore their hair.

William Shatner

Do you desire a thick mane like America’s most beloved celebrity-fleet captain, William Shatner? It might shock you to know that this actor has been sporting a hairpiece since the ‘50s. After seeing himself in pics with a waning hairline, Shatner opted for a front-lace toupee and hairpiece to cover his thinning crown. When Star Trek skyrocketed Shatner’s career, the studio started providing him with more advanced and revolutionary hairpieces to wear for his on-screen role as the Captain.

Burt Reynolds

William Shatner’s hairpiece is so realistic looking that several male celebrities are inquiring for referrals – namely, Burt Reynolds! Reynolds claims to have frequently worn wigs, hairpieces, and toupees both on and off the set.

John Travolta

John Travolta has always graced the silver screen with a full head of thick, black hair; however, as time has gone on, his hairline seems to be shrinking. He has been seen wearing a cropped coif, which appears to camouflage his thinning hair, although it is not quite the thick, locks that moviegoers are used to. He has been spotted wearing some wigs that appear real, proving that anybody can have a thick head of hair.

Why accept your baldness if you have options to defeat it? It isn’t uncommon for men to battle hair loss, and nowadays there are many revolutionary solutions available to conquer hair loss. Seek out a hair loss specialist to discuss options on how to reverse hair loss. If celebrities can do it, why can’t you?

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Photo Credit: Alan Light Via Flickr Creative Commons