These Male Celebrities No Longer Have Hair Loss

male celebrities

male celebritiesWhether an actor, musician, or sports superstar, the limelight favors a youthful and vibrant appearance – which includes having full and thick hair. Though only one celebrity on this list has confirmed getting a hair transplant, all of these male celebrities have transformed their hair from thinning strands to abundantly splendid locks.

John Travolta

In one of the most famous examples of male celebrities photographed obviously balding in previous years, John Travolta has recently appeared at events with a magnificent head of hair.

Lebron James

The multi-championship winning LA Laker has been the subject of hairline scrutiny and rumors for years. After having a visible receding hairline and bald spot, LeBron James now sports a perfectly symmetrical and thick hairline.

Elon Musk

The photos of a balding Elon Musk as PayPal CEO that hardly resemble current images of the multi-billionaire tech mogul with an abundant head of hair have spurred talk that he most likely had a hair transplant.

Chris Martin

Coldplay rocker Chris Martin reported that he once had concerns about his hair falling out during a stressful time. Though he hasn’t confirmed whether or not he had a hair procedure, his hairline now appears fuller with longer, curly strands.

Matthew McConaughey

The Oscar-winning actor has longtime been the subject of hair transplant rumors. Though the leading man now has a thicker head of hair than in his 1999 mugshot, he denies ever having had one.

Elton John

Elton John has had thinning hair since the ’70s, but nowadays has a thick, delightful hairdo covering his forehead. The music legend openly admitted to having a hair transplant in the ’90s and is considered to be one of the pioneers in the hair procedure for male celebrities.

Jamie Foxx

Though the Academy Award-winning actor is quiet on the subject, Jamie Foxx’s formerly receding hairline is now lower and as full as it was when he starred on In Living Color in the ’90s.

Gordon Ramsay

It’s rumored that when the celebrity chef began to show a receding hairline on TV that he took pre-emptive action to prevent his hair from thinning before it became a problem. Though Gordon Ramsay hasn’t confirmed the rumors of a hair transplant, he looks confident on the red carpet with his lower hairline and combed-up hairstyle.

Jeremy Piven

Most notable for his award-winning role on Entourage, the actor was clearly going bald in the ’90s but more recently appears to have a much fuller hairline.

David Beckham

World famous not only for soccer but also his assortment of hair-dos over the years, David Beckham hasn’t confirmed or denied whether he had a hair transplant. However, he recently appeared at Buckingham Palace with a much thicker looking head of hair.

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Photo Credit: StockSnap Via Pixabay