Looking Good While Feeling Better: Choosing the Right Chemotherapy Wig

chemotherapy wig

chemotherapy wigFacing breast cancer is a terrifying prospect that requires strength, courage and determination. While fighting this disease, the last thing anyone wants is to worry about how they look. Sometimes the prospect of losing hair during chemotherapy is nearly as traumatizing as the cancer itself. Wearing a chemotherapy wig or getting a hair replacement helps patients feel better about their appearance while they recover.

Why Hair Loss Occurs

Chemotherapy vigorously destroys cancer cells. However, it also affects the healthy cells responsible for hair growth. According to the Mayo Clinic, hair loss usually begins two to four weeks into treatment and may continue for weeks afterward. Some patients will only experience thinning hair, and others may experience total baldness, depending on the specific drug and dosage received.

This hair loss is usually temporary, and hair can grow again a few weeks after treatment.

Choosing a Chemotherapy Wig

Because a woman’s hair is such an integral part of her appearance and identity, a patient might choose to wear a wig while undergoing chemotherapy. She should get one before her hair starts to fall out. This way, she’ll be better able to match her natural color and style, if that’s the look she desires.

This is also a good time to experiment with different cuts, colors and textures. Has she always wanted a platinum blond bob or long, bouncy curls? She can use this opportunity to buy a wig that tests out a new look without the commitment of dyes and treatments that can hurt natural hair.

A patient’s best choice is to visit a hair restoration studio and consult a professional who can help them find the perfect wig for their budget and needs.

Patients should check with their insurance company as some providers will cover part or all of the cost of a chemotherapy wig.

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