Is Dandruff a Serious Condition?


dandruffDandruff is humiliating and irritating, however is it curable? Does it cause hair loss? Dandruff might be an indication that something’s wrong with your hair follicles, and that can cause hair to thin. So what’s truly bringing on that bothersome, flaky scalp?

Your skin, including your scalp, is consistently shedding dead skin, for the most part once every month. Yet, your scalp can shed skin every couple of days. That is typically brought on by the hyperactivity of a one-celled living being called Pityrosporum ovale or Malassezia ovalis.

Here’s the manner by which it works: Hair growth comes from a small shaft in the skin called the follicle. A sebaceous organ that creates a waxy oil called sebum supports every follicle. Malassezia sustains on those sebaceous organs and increases, speeding up the shedding process. Ironically, oily scalps are most likely to produce dandruff. It can’t be cured, yet the shedding can be controlled.

There are several other causes of dandruff. Consuming too many saturated fats can invigorate scalp sebum, creating a feast for Malassezia and other living organisms.

Cold weather or dry hands climate, can be the culprit for more flakes. When you’re outside, wear a knit cap and gloves.

When it’s cold outside it’s typically warm and dry inside. Your scalp will fair better if you use a humidifier. If you need to blow-dry your hair, keep the drying time short. Even better, let your hair air-dry.

Too much sun or tanning can cause dandruff. Yes, your scalp can get sunburn from UVA, which can harm the follicles. Tanning salons utilize UVA and UVB. Wear a hat outside or a towel around your hair in the tanning booth.

Be leery of harsh shampoos and conditioners that contain sulfates. Also, rinse your hair thoroughly. You’d be shocked how much cleanser or conditioner can get left in your hair. It’s better to over rinse.

Will dandruff make you go bald? Probably not but an unhealthy scalp can cause serious scalp conditions which often result in bald patches and hair loss. If you are noticing flakes or have an itchy scalp be sure to seek out a professional and get treatment.

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Photo Credit: Tom Godber Via Flickr Creative Commons