3 Inspiring Stories of Hollywood Hair Loss

hair loss

hollywoodHair loss faces everyone — even celebrities. Countless household names have suffered from “Hollywood hair loss”, either due to alopecia, other forms of illness, or even damage caused by products or processes used in the business. Some inspiring stories have stemmed from this.

Jada Pinkett Smith

Over 6 million people within the U.S. are affected by alopecia — actress Jada Pinkett Smith included. When she began wearing headscarves, turbans, and wraps to cover her hair, it actually instilled some confidence in her. She revealed on her talk show, Red Table Talk, that these head pieces make her feel like a queen. They not only act as a cover to what’s beneath but also add an accessory to her look. Smith has also gained some perspective from the experience. Children get cancer. People suffer from sickness. Many lose their lives every day. “God, you want my hair?” she’s asked and realized hair is not the worst thing in the world to lose. She’s alive. She’s mostly healthy. She has her family.

Sarah Hyland

In 2018, Sarah Hyland underwent a second kidney transplant. Kidney dysplasia and endometriosis are two diseases that affect her. Hair loss can be a symptom of medications taken for both, and she’s experienced this firsthand. Now that her hair is growing back, and she’s healthier, she feels like a kid again. Her bouncy curls are shared with the world rather than the hair extensions that hid her truth for many years.

Dolly Parton

Bleaching, teasing, and styling her hair was all too common for Dolly Parton. Eventually, this attempt at Hollywood glamor cost her. The products and processes she was using to keep her hair large and beautiful caused her hair to break and fall out. Instead of ruining her beloved locks further, she opted to wear wigs. Now she says she never has a bad hair day. She can choose any style of wig she wants and doesn’t have to do anything to her own hair hidden underneath.

These inspiring stories of confidence, perspective, and gratitude aren’t the only ones. Many celebrities have suffered from Hollywood hair loss and will continue to do so. Men and women alike are finding their voices to share their stories.

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Photo Credit: artursfoto Via Pixabay