How to Treat Your Human Hair Extensions

hair extensions

hair extensionsHuman hair extensions are higher quality extensions, but surprisingly, they may require more care than your natural hair. Hair extensions are a great way to protect your natural hair and shield it from the stress of chemical treatments and other outside elements, so be sure to care for your extensions in order to get more longevity out of them.

Shampoo with Care

Your extensions need to be cared for every day, which includes shampooing and conditioning. never buy hair products that use sulfates because they will damage your extensions. Also, be cognizant while washing and try not to pull the hair as this can stretch and damage the extensions.

Use Non-Harsh Dyes

It is not unusual to dye hair extensions but be sure to start at the ends first. Apply the dye carefully, and do not pull the hair during the application. Use semi-permanent hair color and look for the following when searching for dye:

Always go a shade darker when dying extensions, as these tend to come out lighter than your normal hair when dyed. Do not use permanent dyes because they may dry out and cause breakage to your extensions. Shop for organic and high quality dyes if you can, as they are gentler in your extensions.

Keep Your Hair Protected from the Elements

Just as important as the type of products you use are the elements your extensions are exposed to. There are multiple environmental elements that can wreak havoc on your hair extensions.

A poor diet which is deficient in important minerals and nutrients,

fog, smoke and pollutants can affect the luster and appearance of your extensions. Prescription drugs or stress can have an effect on your hair’s health as well as the way it adapts to wearing extensions.

If you take care of your extensions by using these steps then they may last much longer. Be sure to investment in them and only use natural hair care products. Go to a hair professional for more information regarding your hair extensions and how to care for them.

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Photo Credit: StockSnap Via Pixabay