How to Decide Between Synthetic and Human Hair Wigs

human hair wigs

human hair wigsThere many things to consider when selecting a wig. From the color to the style to what it’s made of, determining which wig suits you requires a lot of thought and consideration. Here are some factors in choosing a wig, particularly deciding between synthetic or human hair wigs.

Human vs. Synthetic Hair

In today’s market, there is an extensive number of high-quality wigs available, which can be customized to you. Human hair wigs are very popular and more expensive than synthetic, but they’re easy to style and look more realistic. They can also be styled with flat irons, whereas synthetic wigs will experience breakage. Human hair wigs tend to have a more natural-looking hairline.

Color Selection

Selecting the appropriate color is crucial when choosing a wig. Select a wig similar in color to match your actual hair. Thinking about a hair color change? A wig is the fastest way to do just that, but make sure it complements your skin tone. Black hair, as an example, can make a person appear paler and might weigh down their look.

Styling Capabilities

One major benefit of a synthetic wig is that it keeps its shape nicely and doesn’t require much adjusting. In order to freshen it up it can be spritzed with water. Human hair wigs require more upkeep to shape and fashion them and to ensure no breakage occurs. A human hair wig is very flexible and can be styled without issues. There are heat-resistant synthetic wigs available now, which allows them to be styled with flat irons.


The cost of a wig is a big consideration when choosing one. Ask yourself how much use you’ll get out of the wig. But, if it’s for medical reasons and you plan to wear the wig for long periods of time, purchasing a high-quality product will help you maintain appearances while you are not feeling well. Human hair wigs tend to be a higher price than synthetic ones. Be sure to choose what works best for you.

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Photo Credit: melancholiaphotography Via Pixabay