How to Avoid Hat Head and Other Winter Hair Problems

winter hair

winter hairWhen the cooler weather arrives and everyone reaches for a hat, it’s also time to think about how to avoid a static and unruly head of hair. Hat hair is a problem in winter but there are ways you can still look good and keep warm. Here’s how you can look good and avoid the static winter hair.

Dry Your Hair

Even when you are in a hurry to go out, always dry your hair thoroughly. Add a hat to damp hair and you’ll end up with flat spiky hair. Your hair is also more prone to breakages if it is damp and exposed to the cold.

Style Your Hair to the Hat

One of the best ways of avoiding hat hair is to get a style to adapt to the hat. A woolly beanie works well with a low ponytail and avoids static. Side braids also work well with hats and avoid messy hair. Stick to natural fibers with your hat like wool or cotton as synthetic material increases the static.

Styling for Winter

Hair curling tongs dry hair even more than normal, adding to static and messy hair when covered with a hat. After brushing and styling your hair, use an anti-static spray before pulling on your hat. This keeps unruly hair under control. You can also get anti-frizz sheets containing coconut oil, which can be smoothed over hat hair to make it easier to style after being covered.

Brush It Out

People with straight hair can simply store a mini brush and use it to comb out untidy hair. Wavy hair can be shaken out easily after being under a hat. By using a small amount of oil and running it through your hair, you can moisten the strands and reduce the amount of frizz. Nourishing the hair with oil or conditioner stops it from drying out too much in colder weather.

Adapting your hair habits to deal with cooler weather and winter hats is easy once you know how. Use these simple hacks to enjoy sitting seaside on cooler days without having to worry about untidy winter hair.

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Photo Credit: langll Via Pixabay