How is Our Hair Color Determined?

hair color

hair colorHave you ever questioned why your hair color isn’t necessarily like your mom or dads? Or why your hair color is the same as either your dad or moms? Actually, the experts believe it’s a combination of mother nature and a touch of nurture.

Our Genes Role

Genes play a tremendous role in shaping how we look and behave. Geneticists have known for a while that melanin determines our eye, skin and hair coloration.

Eumelanin and pheomelanin are the two kinds of melanin in our hair, and they dictate whether or not your locks are going to be brown, blonde, black, or red. People with little or no eumelanin could have light blonde hair, while people with lots of eumelanin tend to have black hair. Pheomelanin, on the other hand, produces multiple shades of red. So, in case you’re lucky enough to have plenty of it, you’ll have beautiful ginger tresses.

Environmental Factors

Several experts agree that environmental factors could have an impact on hair color. David Moore, who wrote “The Dependent Gene”, connects gene expression with the environment. Within his book, he states that a person’s diet can contribute to their hair color due to the fact that concentrations of melanin are determined by the amount of copper discovered in those hair cells. This shows that if a mother ate foods high in copper before getting pregnant, her children could be much more likely to have darker hair.

An additional environmental element is often ultraviolet radiation. Some scientists believe that when red hair and pale skin coincide, those dwelling in colder climates will more likely have the gene. This explains why red heads are more commonly found in northern European populations.

How is Your Hair Color So Different from Your Parents?

It is fascinating just how much family members have a tendency to resemble one another. But that doesn’t necessarily mean kids will look like their dad or mom or have identical hair coloring. Genes inherited from extended family can affect the outcome of a child’s hair color.

Scientists, Davenport and Davenport, discovered several examples of two brown-haired parents having red-headed children, which suggests that recessive genes can impact hair shade plenty. but, it doesn’t matter what color your hair is because you’re a unique person whose tresses have been shaped by using location and lineage.

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